Landscape Maintenance

There is no such thing as a maintenance free garden. Plants, like people, need care, love and attention. However some gardens require less maintenance than others.

Plant choices are an important factor. A beautiful garden needs to flourish and yet be contained. Different times of the year prove more abundant than others.

A carefully planned maintenance schedule not only ensures the on-going sustainability of your garden but will invariably be more cost effective by negating the need to continually re-plant.

Our team can provide a cost effective maintenance schedule for any garden. Protect your investment and retain your garden’s optimal beauty with the care, assistance and advice of Silvertree Landscapes.

Services offered

  • Lawn care- correct pruning and training,
  • Fertilising and mulching
  • Control of plant pests or diseases
  • Irrigation repair
  • Water management
  • Garden advice/alterations

Landscape Projects

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Direct Axis

Saxenberg Wine Estate

SACD Bidvest

Camp Ground

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